James (gangrel_pri) wrote in cov_virtue,

New SG on Virtue

Two Greek organizations were recently kicked out of Paragon City University for doing all the bad things Greek organizations aren't supposed to do.

The President of the fraternity and its twin sorority decided to combine forces and move out to the Rogue Isles, taking in any like minded villian or college student who wanted to add a Frat to their resume.

The New Greek organization is named Lambda Delta Chi, run by Code Names: Frat Boi, Sorority Hag, and Boy Pledge.

New pledges can expect the usual hazing before being made a full sibling in the chapter. Such as paddling, drunkeness, and being made to walk across busy streets with traffic.

We don't care what your major is, as long as you don't mind breaking the rules.

((Ok yeah, I was bored when I made Frat Boi. Then my roommates made the other two. Basically, if you'd like to join, make a Greek looking character however you see fit. Frat Boi is outfitted in a tee shirt with school colors and a backwards ball cap, whereas Boy Pledge went with the varsity style jacket. The hag went with a dark tan and hot pants. Origins and powers are wide open. Frat Boi is a Stone/Dark brute, with the idea behind it being the Stone mallet is a modified paddle. Any rate, if you're interested, let me know. My global is @twinky mcbottom))
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