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City of Villains

The villains of Virtue

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Are you a villain on Virtue in need of a villain group? Are you the leader of a villain group and you're looking for members? Maybe you just want to go somewhere to post screen shots and brag about your conquests. Regardless, this is your place.

In your first post, please identify yourself by name, arch-type, level, and supergroup affliation if any.

This journal is not meant to talk over coh_virtue or the city_of_heroes. As said in a few other places, it's meant to supplement it.

Are You Destined for Great Evil?

City of Villains is the standalone sequel to critically acclaimed MMORPG City of Heroes. Using a staggering assortment of new powers, abilities, and customization options, players can now experience sinister game play from the other side of the mask. With diabolical craft and guile, players forge new super-powered villain characters in an attempt to dominate the world. Heroes and authorities of Paragon City will do all in their power to thwart these evil plans of destruction. It will take a supreme effort for true domination.