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Well-established but largely-dead Virtue RP villain group seeks active membership

I started this villain group, Hedonism Incorporated, some time ago, as part of the RP Congress, with my L50 Energy/Energy Brute over on Virtue. The idea was simple; it was supposed to be a catch-all kind of group, an RP group that was all about getting money. I figured that this would appeal to almost any villain, no matter their goals; whether they just want to live in luxury, get revenge on someone, or take over the world, they'll generally need money to do it.

I got a bunch of players right off, and a lot of them were very active for a while—but then everyone just sort of stopped. Except for me and one other player (who logged in a month ago), nobody has logged into the VG in over six months. Apparently the characters are all infrequently-played alts. Infrequently as in "never."

Anyway, this group has a decent-sized base with 8 rooms, teleporters to every CoV zone, medical rez device, mission computer, invention salvage vault and worktable, salvage and inspiration and enhancement storage, buff-appliers, and worktables, and three hundred thousand Prestige in the bank…and almost no active members. And I'm kind of at a loss as to how to change that.

Would anyone be willing to help me build this VG into something a bit more active?
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